Advantages of the E/One Sewer System

Home OwnersMunicipalities / DevelopersEngineers / OperatorsContractors / Construction Managers
* Safe - protects water quality and enhances quality of life* Permits freedom to sewer anywhere in any kind of terrain* Proven engineering and design* Installation follows contour of the land - does not require major excavation
* Reduces cost of housing - both initial and ongoing* Low initial costs make central sewers economically feasible* Ideal for every terrain and environment* Needs only shallow trenches - increases ease and safety of installation procedures
* Visually pleasing - only evidence is a low profile cover that is easily camouflaged* Low initial costs make development economically feasible* Cost-effective central sewering solutions for new construction and retrofits* Labour and material cost are much less than gravity sewer systems.
* Does not disrupt the beauty of the landscape or damage built structures* Central sewer systems increases value of development units* Engineering and technical support during design, construction, installation and operation
* Virtually no preventative maintenance required for homeowner* High reliability - no preventative maintenance* Reliable performance means reduced O&M costs - up to 50% or more saving over gravity
* Central sewer increases value of home.* Reduces operating costs
* When needed E/One pumps are easy and safe to access and service
* Protective of public health
* Designed to keep maintenance to an absolute minimum.
* Permits regulatory compliance
* Closed system - not compromised by storm water infiltration - plus zero ex-filtration

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