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Enviro One Replacement Kit

The E/One grinder pump has been adapted to be compatible with any non E/One low-pressure sewer installation.

This will offer clients a drop-in replacement that will prove cost-effective and much more efficient to run. The E/One replacement grinder pump is engineered to fit into virtually any grinder pump wet well.

Universal design allows easy drop-in conversion, ready to connect.  The upgrade is a complete replacement for all of the troublesome components of a centrifugal pump, including slide rails, pump/motor, float switches, piping and motor control devices.  At least one alternate grinder pump is replaced each day by an E/One grinder pump.

The replacement will be as easy as lifting your old system out of its case and replacing it with a new E/One pump. No need for level or float sensors which proved to be unreliable.  The E/One grinder pump makes use of non-contact control switches which are more reliable than the traditional mechanical float alternatives. The E/One Replacement Kit comes with one easy connect or disconnect waterproof system.  No wiring changes required.


All solids are ground into fine particles, allowing them to pass easily through the pump, check valve and small diameter pipelines.  Even objects that are not normally found in sewage, such as plastic, rubber, fiber, wood, etc., are ground into fine particles.  The grinder designed not to jam and for minimum wear to grinder mechanism.

E/One pumps need no scheduled services and are build to run till failure.  We currently have pumps that have been installed 13 years ago and are still running without being serviced.  This performance has been achieved with the correct installation and little owner abuse.

  • Designed not to jam and for minimum wear to the grinder mechanism

  • Retrofit simplex or larger station

  • Available with a range of discharge hose lengths to accommodate a wide range of tank depths.

Technical Support

Enviro One will provide all the technical support you require for your installation to make the replacement process as smooth as possible.  All technical inquiries can be directed to (07) 3286 5986.

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