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The E/One progressive cavity grinder pump is the heart of the pressure sewer system that can eliminate costly lift stations. The robust design translates into the industry’s highest level of reliability and maintainability.   E/One pumps are designed to run to failure with no preventative maintenance required.  


Enviro One Services and Installations have solutions for retrofitting any failing competitors pressure sewer system.

Full assessments on current sewer systems are provided and combined with accredited training and support to review all sewer equipment effectively.


Full complementary preliminary design services are available to assist with any the requirements of projects regardless of the size, quantity or terrain that needs to be considered.


  • Over 1 million end-users world-wide and over 40 000 installations Australia wide.

  • E/One is currently the market leader, proving products certified by ISO9001:2008.  The polyethylene tank is made in Australia and certified to AS/NZS1546.1

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40000 end users
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