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The E/One Sentry line of alarm panels is custom designed for use with E/One grinder pumps. The panels provide the latest technology and the greatest flexibility for customising features to satisfy individual needs.

E/One Sentry alarm panels can be configured to provide functions that range from basic alarm indication to advanced warning of pending service requirements. All E/One Sentry panels are ITACS listed and meet all applicable Australia/New Zealand codes and standards. Furthermore, the panels are housed in IP 66 lockable enclosures, suitable for mounting on a wall or a post.

The basic E/One Sentry panel provides features essential to any installation:


  • Circuit breakers for pump power and alarm circuits

  • Audible high level alarm indication

  • Visual high level alarm indication

  • High level alarm silence switch

  • Manual run switch

  • Redundant “Start” function with high level alarm

  • Run indicator to show when pump is operating

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