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E/One Sentry Alarm Panel - PreSTAT Package

E/One Sentry PreSTAT provides advance warning of pending service needs by monitoring major operating conditions. A trouble indication is provided when these conditions fall outside of normal ranges, although the grinder pump station may continue to operate.

The E/One PreSTAT feature provides predictive status monitoring of:

  • AC input voltage — if input voltagefalls below 88 percent or rises above 112 percent of normal line voltage, a trouble indication is provided

  • Amperage — if amperage exceeds preset limits, a trouble indication is provided

  • Pump run time — if the pump operates for extended periods (adjustable), a trouble indication is provided


PreSTAT offers a new standard of reliable and uninterrupted service through better asset management. 

Standard Features

  • Programmable auto-dialier

  • Predictive status display module

  • Pre-alarm indication for major operating parameters

  • Alarm indications for major operating parameters

  • Audible and visual alarm

  • NEMA 4X-rated enclosure with padlock

  • Hour meter, cycle counter and alarm delay

  • LCD display and user-friendly interface

  • Inner cover (dead front)

  • Circuit breakers, 240 VAC service

  • Terminal blocks and grounding lugs

  • Contact group (dry, powered and Remote Sentry)

  • Safety front — authorised personnel only when locked

  • Con formal-coated alarm board (both sides)


Additional Options

  • Generator receptacle with auto transfer

  • GFCI receptacle

Drawings & Brochure

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