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The E/One grinder pump is housed in a tank made from polyethylene (PE) or Fibreglass for rugged reliability.  All tanks are certified to AS/NZS 1546.1:2007 and is manufactured in Australia and New Zealand.


Various sizes are available to suit any installation environment.  Sizes include 720 litres (most common), 850, 900, 1000 and the 1300 litre duplex tank.  Larger volumes are available in fiberglass and includes duplex and quadplex arrangements. The tank is fitted with double O-ring seals which makes assemblies waterproof and the novel joint geometry minimises the effects of crevice corrosion.  The tank has a solid rib construction which will withstand the most challenging soil conditions.  


The tank has a 600 mm outer diameter lid.  Aesthetics are a major consideration for homeowners.  The E/One Sewer system is virtually out of sight – the only visible part is a low-profile cover that blend seamlessly into the environment but provide easy access for servicing operations.

Benefits of E/One tanks are:

  • Tank tapers in at bottom to reduce retained volume, creates more turbulence when pump starts to re-suspend solids and reduce odours

  • Flat bottom for ease of storage and installation.

  • 316SS isolating ball valve with integrated pressure relief

  • The E/One pump is submersible, extension necks are available if more depth is required

  • Purpose built FRP tanks to suit any commercial application where greater storage is required

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