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Enviro One Services provide service  and repairs of all E/One pumps at our Cleveland service centre.  In addition we also supply the full range of spares for the E/One sewer product range.

Loan pumps are available to minimize downtime.  


Warranty services are provided in accordance with Enviro One Services Terms and Conditions  and the Warranty Terms and Policy.  E/One warrants that all products are free from defects caused by faulty manufacture or materials provided that the products are installed, maintained or operated in accordance with Enviro One Services and Installations operating and maintenance instructions.  Please note that buyers is responsible for the freight of the products to our premises.  After repair and replacement under warranty, the goods will be returned free of charge to the buyer.


Advantages of using E/One products:

  • E/One’s stainless steel discharge ball valve won’t corrode.  No corrosion, no maintenance and no tools required.

  • The double o-ring seals make assemblies waterproof and novel joint geometry minimises the effects of crevice corrosion.

  • The pressure switch-level control require no preventative maintenance.

  • Solutions are available for retrofitting any failing competitors pressure sewer system.

  • Accredited installation training is available on request.

Our service centre is available 24 hours a day and can be contacted on +61 07 3286 5986 or to find a service representative near you please use our contact form.

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