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Sentry Protect Plus Alarm Panel for Duplex Grinder Pump Stations

E/One Sewer Systems has added Protect Plus for duplex grinder pump stations to its Sentry alarm panel offerings, further enhancing the strongest panel line in the category.

E/One Sentry alarm panels are UL-listed and include lockable, NEMA 4X-rated enclosures. From basic monitoring to advanced warning of pending service needs, E/One Sentry panels are customisable and designed for use with simplex and duplex Extreme Series grinder pump stations.

The Protect Plus panel’s dead front includes a membrane switch with LED indicators and an LCD message display. The Protect Plus option provides protection from low voltage (brownout), run dry and high system pressure situations. With each condition, a lockout cycle will prevent the motor from operating, the Trouble LED will illuminate and the LCD will display the lockout message.

Features exclusive to Protect Plus include: high/low voltage monitoring; high/low wattage monitoring; extended run time; cycle/event counter; adjustable run time limit; adjustable power-up and alarm delays; and system self-test.

Available options include generator receptacle with auto transfer; main service disconnect; E/One’s Remote Sentry (indoor alarm module); and an external auto-dialer.

Standard Features

  • Corrosion-proof fiberglass enclosure

  • NEMA 4X rated enclosure

  • Lockable latch with padlock

  • Predictive status display module

  • Pre-alarm indication for major operating parameters

  • Alarm indications for major operating parameters

  • Hour meter, cycle counter and alarm delay

  • LCD display and user-friendly interface

  • Inner cover (dead front)

  • Contact group — dry contacts and Remote Sentry contacts

  • Programmable User Settings


Drawings & Brochure

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